The Mahogany Developers Team
Vadim Zeitlin Main author and maintainer starting from 2001, worked on MS-Windows port, addressbook code, GUI previously
Karsten Ballüder [retired] Original author, mailfolder code, multi-threading, configuration system, filtering code, PalmOS connectivity
Nerijus Baliūnas Testing, bug tracking, general help with project maintenance, UTF-8
Xavier Nodet Sorting and threading code, URL parser and more
Michele Ravani Netscape importer
Michael A Chase Parts of filter logic and GUI
Ujwal Sathyam Mac OS X port
Carlos Henrique Bauer [retired] PGP and GPG support
Daniel Seifert [retired, replacement needed] PalmOS connectivity
Greg Noel [retired] FAQ, testing, design, general curmudgeon
Robert Vazan [retired] Minimalistic editor, wizard sizers, various bugfixes and new bugs

More information on the Mahogany developers and latest changes can be found on the Sourceforge Mahogany Project Page.

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