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Mahogany 0.67 was released on August 1, 2006, see below for download location. Read the announcement text here.

Latest Release
The latest official release is available from SourceForge. There you will find the source archive, release information, change logs and binaries built for various platforms. If you have troubles with binary version (especially under Unix), please try rebuilding the program from sources (or from SRPM).

Daily Snapshots and Binaries from svn

  • Download a tarball containing the sources of the last successful build.
  • Get latest Win32 binary snapshot.

  • Please note that you still must download the full package and install it first and then replace the M.EXE file after installation with the one from the snapshot.

    If you experience (fatal) problems with this snapshot and you are encouraged to try the debug build to help us with troubleshooting as it might generate some more messages than the normal, release, version of the program.

    If you download the debug build, you may also need the debug versions of the DLLs used by the program: MS VC++ run-time and Python20_d.dll -- just unpack them in the directory where Mahogany was installed.

    Warning: Debug build is much slower than release version and so shouldn't be normally used for every day operations.

Mahogany SVN access
The Mahogany svn repository can be accessed anonymously (see instructions for accessing it) so you can always get the latest and greatest version from it.

You may also browse the svn sources online.

Mahogany 0.67 can be compiled either with wxWidgets (formerly called wxWindows) 2.6.4 (not released yet) or 2.7.0 (or later). It is recommended to use wxWidgets version 2.7.0 if possible. If you want to compile with wxWidgets 2.6.3 or earlier, you have to change line 2476 of src/classes/MessageView.cpp from

if ( *cidOrig.begin() == '<' && *cidOrig.rbegin() == '>' )


if ( *cidOrig.begin() == '<' && cidOrig.Last() == '>' )

Notice that if you use wxWidgets from the cvs, you may want to checkout M_STABLE cvs tag to get wxWidgets version which was last successfully tested with Mahogany.

Here are some wxWidgets links:

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